Service Workers

I worked in the Restaurant Industry for 20 years.  People can amaze me (not in a good way) sometimes.  I had a woman, her baby and her mother come in for breakfast.  Both women asked for coffee.  The baby was in a high chair at the end of the table.  I normally carried two cups of coffee in one hand and cream in the other.  When I put their coffee on the table I put both cups toward the far end and the cream in the middle.  After I took their order and walked away, he mother pulled her coffee to her right side, which happened to be the closest to the baby.  While they were talking, the baby grabbed her cup and spilled hot coffee all over herself.  The baby’s mother jumped up and started screaming.  Needless to say, both women put the blame on me for the poor baby being burned.  Luckily, other patrons witnessed everything and came to my defense. We told the baby’s mother that she should be carrying the baby to the emergency room instead of standing there screaming her head off.  I never found out how the baby was doing.  Hopefully, there were no lasting effects.